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How To Increase Mouse Pointer Size in Windows 7

I am happy with default mouse pointer size on my DELL windows 7. However changing mouse pointer size may be useful for people who have eye sight problem. I am writing this post because today my close friend asked me how to increase mouse pointer size in windows 7.

Here are the steps.

Click on Start -> Control Panel

Click on View by drop down link in the top-right corner and select Small Icons. The items list now changed to un-categorized list.

Click on Mouse

Click on Pointers Tab and select Windows Aero (extra large) (system scheme) from scheme drop down. You may also select Windows Standard, Windows Black, Windows Inverted with extra large attribute.

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One Response to “How To Increase Mouse Pointer Size in Windows 7”

  1. Dhanalakshmi Says:

    very useful for demo.
    thank you.
    how to connect monitor to cpu demo?
    pls reply to me

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