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Category SEO Meta Tags

Allow you to add custom meta tags for category pages.  I love to use All In One SEO plug-in for seo demand but unfortunately All In One SEO does not support meta tags implementation for category pages. This plug-in add capability to use meta-tags for category pages.  If you are using other seo plug-in such as HeadSpace2 or SEO Title Tags then you may not need this plug-in because these plug-in already supporting meta tags for category pages.

Latest Version:2.2 – Added support for tag pages and fixed meta title bug in ver 2.1. Please visit forum here for wordpress plugin support or any query related to wordpress plugins.

Why USE All In One SEO Plugin?

All In One SEO is very light-weight plug-in and have automatic meta creation feature for pages and posts. It is good for both seo and non-seo person to have optimized their website without doing anything. This is why i have decided to create this plug-in instead of using any other plug-in that support meta-tags for category page.

Download and Installation Instruction

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