How to Disable 500 Internal Server Error on Godaddy Windows Hosting

How to Disable 500 Internal Server Error on Godaddy Windows Hosting

GoDaddy windows server by default show generic 500 Internal Server Error page instead of showing actual detailed error message. The default page prevent application developers from debugging web application because actual error message not visible. The detailed error message give detailed error description along with line number so developer can…continue reading →

How to Create Zip File in Dot.NET Application

ZIP files(files with .zip extension) are well known file format used for file compression. After compression, file size  can be significantly reduced and multiple files and folder can be archive into a single zip file.  All zip files can be password protected to reduce risk of unauthorized access. Almost every…continue reading →
Internet Explorer 9 Test Drive

Internet Explorer 9 Test Drive

I just received Microsoft email on Internet Explorer 9 Platform Preview launch.  This platform preview release does not look like a browser. It show next generation web technologies Microsoft going to add on Internet Explorer 9. They may include more features later. The application dashboard divided in three sections below.…continue reading →
How to Install Microsoft IIS (Internet Information Server) on Windows7

How to Install Microsoft IIS (Internet Information Server) on Windows7

Microsoft IIS is the Web Server used to develop and deploy web application based on Microsoft Technologies like and Classic ASP. If you are developer working on Microsoft Technologies you might need to install Microsoft IIS at some point. Please note all Windows 7 version not included Microsoft Soft…continue reading →

Download & Install Windows XP Service Pack 3(SP3)

Microsoft has released XP SP3 with bugfixes and new features.? This version includes old released update for Windows XP and bug fixes released in SP2. SP3 also includes following new? features: Support for Microsoft’s Network Access Protection security technology Microsoft Kernel Mode Cryptographic Module Black Hole Router detection algorithm Keyless…continue reading →

Set / Retrieve Script Timeout in ASP

The ScriptTimeout property in ASP specifies the amount of run-time in seconds for a script before it terminates. The default value is 90 seconds set by IIS. Set the script timeout: <% Server.ScriptTimeout=200 %> Retrieve the current value of the ScriptTimeout property: <% response.write(Server.ScriptTimeout) %>continue reading →

Connect to your PC over internet with SynXro

SynXro is another web based product to connect, a PC to PC; or PC to LAN connection. SynXro allows you to access all the drives of your PC and all the network drives of all PCs connected to your Local Area Network from anywhere in the world. You only need…continue reading →

VB Script Functions

VBScript is a lightweight script programming language like JavaScript. It is light version of Microsoft Visual Basic for the web. VBScript can be inserted into a HTML document and run at client side. Below is the list of general function supported by VBScript. These function also available in Microsoft Visual…continue reading →

How to run FFMPEG command in Asp.Net

To run ffmpeg commands in you need to use Media Handler class. Here is an example how to use media handler class to run ffmpeg commands. //Create media handler object of Media_handler class Media_handler mymediahandler=new Media_handler(); // Get web site application path string webapppath =Server.MapPath(Request.ApplicationPath); //Get ffmpeg.exe full path…continue reading →
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