Google using MySQL4 literally

It is known that Google using MySQL 4 for some of the their light application that are not related to search technology. However, It has been patched according to the requirement and available to download from Google website. Google guys patched to make MySql more stable in the area of…continue reading →

Chest Pain diagnosis yourself

Although this blog is not related to health. But i think everything that can save human life should be take at least one corner in any media that can spread at amazing speed and make people aware with critical health issues. I finally added health category in the blog and this article is just an effort to aware people who read this blog. In the last week, I was felling chest pain in random order. After doctor checkup, no cardiac related issues found. Before the checkup i was worried about the pain. While goggling on chest pain i found two interesting articles that are fully descriptive and load of knowledge. Here i am sharing those links with you. You should read this links whatever you are in trouble or not because your knowledge can save life of the people either your relative, neighbors or the people sacrificing their life on the road. Chest Pain - Guide from Inroduction to Treatment First-add guide if symtoms reated to cardiac or heart attack A good questionnaire to diagnose chest pain yourself