Critical Remote Code Execution Vulnerabilities in Internet Explorer

Microsoft has released security update for all versions of Internet Explorer. According to Microsoft this release cover seven privately reported vulnerabilities and one publicly disclosed vulnerability in Internet Explorer. These critical vulnerabilities can be dangerous. It allow execution of remove code using a web page specially designed for executing remove…continue reading →

What is Cryptography

Cryptography is the process of transforming digital information into an unintelligible form so that it can be sent over unsafe channel of communication.  The transformed data called cipher text that is in the form that nobody can understand.  The transformation process handled by a data key.  This key required to…continue reading →

Secure PHP Application with Suhosin Hardened-PHP

Suhosin is a security product released by Hardened-PHP to secure your PHP application. Hardened-PHP is founded by Stefan Esser, Christopher Kunz and Peter Prochaska from Germany with the primary goal to help php web developers, development organization to secure PHP web application. They also provide searvice to find out security…continue reading →
WordPress 406 Not Acceptable Error Fix

WordPress 406 Not Acceptable Error Fix

I just received "Not Acceptable Error while i tried to edit post in Word Press 2.5. Earlier, It was working fine but in the previous post i get annoying error when i tried to save and continue my article. But soon i realize cause of the error. Again, the error…continue reading →