Set / Retrieve Script Timeout in ASP

The ScriptTimeout property in ASP specifies the amount of run-time in seconds for a script before it terminates. The default value is 90 seconds set by IIS. Set the script timeout: <% Server.ScriptTimeout=200 %> Retrieve the current value of the ScriptTimeout property: <% response.write(Server.ScriptTimeout) %>continue reading →

Visual Basic Data Types

There are 11 data types in Visual Basic 6. These are Boolean, Byte, Currency, Date, Double, Integer, Long, Object, Single, String, and Variant. Each of these data types have their own purpose. I am describing here all data type: Boolean The Boolean data type has only two states, True and…continue reading →

Uber Uploader ClipShare Rayzz Ostube Failed to Find File Length Error

You may receive "Failed To Find Flength File" error during file upload using uber uploader. The main cause of this problem is due to apache mod_security enabled on your host. Apache mod_security may prevent writing flength file duing file upload. This will cause uploder to determine file length for percentage…continue reading →
How to add php code to word press blog widget

How to add php code to word press blog widget

Word Press default widget does not allow you to use php code. You can do this by simply editing template files but this is not overall solution. By doing this you are loosing beauty of widget drag and drop functionality. The Samsarin PHP Widget available as plug-in that allow user…continue reading →

VB Script Functions

VBScript is a lightweight script programming language like JavaScript. It is light version of Microsoft Visual Basic for the web. VBScript can be inserted into a HTML document and run at client side. Below is the list of general function supported by VBScript. These function also available in Microsoft Visual…continue reading →