BSNL is leader in 3G services in terms of cost, coverage and availablity. Here is quick overview on available 3G operator in MP.

  1. BSNL has wider availability over other operator like Tata Docomo because BSNL is first 3G operator in India.
  2. BSNL offer lowest tariff rate 1p/10KB while Tata Docomo charge 1p/per Kb which is 10 times higher then BSNL.
  3. BSNL offer lowest 3G data plan voucher which is RS10/20MB which is just double then Tata Docomo data plan voucher which is RS11/per 10MB.
  4. BSNL is only operator have unlimited plan @1499INR. while Tata Docomo charge RS2001 for 15GB. Above 15GB RS1/per mb will be charged.
  5. BSNL offer minimum video calling chargesĀ  Rs 1.5 /min while Tata Docomo charge Rs 3/min which is double then BSNL.
  6. All BSNL tariff plans works in roaming while other operator charge on the basis of pay as you go while you are in roaming.
  7. With BSNL, 3G sim can be used with USB dongle to access internet. You need not to buy dongle from BSNL if you already have. With Tata Docomo you need to buy USB dongle separately and your Tata Docomo 3G sim can not be used with Dongle.

BSNL is best service you can buy for 3G because of better support, low cost and cheap & flexible data plans. Although customer care service not good as other operator but that can be ignore over lot of other advantages.

Written by Bala Krishna

Bala Krishna is web developer and occasional blogger from Bhopal, MP, India. He like to share idea, issue he face while working with the code.

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  1. Raj

    BSNL Review is exactly correct. I have a small thing to add here. We can use Docomo SIM with open dongles and it works fine with very good speed. Unfortunately BSNL coverage for 3G is not there in my house and nearby but I have Docomo Service. I like BSNL but in this case some how they failed to cover my area just 15KM from Bangalore City. During their test period I used to get the 3G signal frm BSNL but after few days it disappeared. I am waiting to get the signal again so that I can be with BSNL.

  2. buzzparas

    although bsnl/mtnl are the regional players and having 3G in almost every circle of india,but users are trapped because unlike 2G network coverage steady rock,3G is not everywhere and this is where you may get trapped.