This is the common problem with developer who usually convert PSD file to HTML. Photoshop display an ugly warning message about the font missing every time I open PSD design file. Sometimes large number of fonts missing in PSD file and sometime few only. It is hard to click on each text layer and note down all missing fonts. Here I am sharing list of possible ways to find out missing fonts in PSD a file.

Some text layers contain fonts that are missing. These layers will need to have the missing fonts replaced before they can be used for vector based output.


Method 1 – Quick and Easy Way To Find Missing Fonts by Character Box

  • Open PSD file in Adobe Photoshop
  • Go to Windows -> Character
  • A small character box will display with fonts information.
  • Select font name dropdown and scroll down till end.
  • You will notice list of missing fonts in light grey color at the end of font list.
  • Note down missing fonts name.
  • See image below for clear picture.


Method 2 – Get Fonts List from PDF

  • Open PSD file in Adobe Photoshop
  • Save as or export psd image as a PDF
  • Open New PDF File in Adobe Reader
  • Open File Menu -> Properties -> Fonts
  • See the image below


Method 3 – PhotoShop Script

If you want to have detailed information about all fonts used in PSD file then this script is for you. It will give you detailed information about all fonts. Usage is fairly easy. Just follow simple steps below.

  • Download Photoshop Script
  • Go To File -> Scripts ->Browse
  • Locate and Select font.jsx Photoshop Javascript File
  • Choose folder where PSD file is located.
  • Make sure selected folder do not have sub-folder and more then one psd file. The Script scan psd files in all sub-folder and search fonts for each psd file found. It may take lot of time and Photoshop may stopped responding.
  • Wait for some time until Photoshop process file. Then look into same folder for fonts.txt file. Open this file to view font information
  • How it looks like: View image below


Online Tools

Apart from offline methods some online tools available to find fonts information from image or psd file.

What The Font Service

WhatTheFont service is free tool that takes image as source and deliver closet matched font from their database.  Follow WhatTheFont guideline for accurate result.

  • Keep text in the image as horizontal as possible.
  • Characters in the image should be around 100 pixels height or higher and should not be touch each other
  • Keep as much character as possible
  • If possible use Tiff file format

Go to What The Font website

IdentiFont Service

IdentiFont is similar service but have more options. You can find fonts with different properties of font. You can find fonts by appearance, fonts by name, fonts by similarity, fonts by picture or fonts by publisher/designer. Try It.

Go to Identifont Website


Written by Bala Krishna

Bala Krishna is web developer and occasional blogger from Bhopal, MP, India. He like to share idea, issue he face while working with the code.

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