LimeWire is free peer-to-peer(P2P) file sharing application for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. This application was also working for other operating systems because it was developed in Java software platform which is platform independent. This was also a reason that this application was most popular in P2P application world.

Limewire has been shut down as an ordered by the Federal Court of the United States after long court battle with RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America). This might be a bad news for Limewire users. Limewire website now showing attention message preventing users from downloading application as well as asking users to withdraw using Limewire application.

Limewire was the big source of music download without spending money on purchase. Apart from these, it was big source of adult material and pirated software distribution. Software download using Limewire was prone to virus infection because transfer was peer to peer and there is not mechanism to scan file before it delivered to destination machine.

Written by Bala Krishna

Bala Krishna is web developer and occasional blogger from Bhopal, MP, India. He like to share idea, issue he face while working with the code.