These days, spamming is the major issue over the internet. A lot of junk mails filled out in the Inbox of user daily. You may be one of the source to send these mails to internet users. Did you ever think seriously about this issue? Do you own domain and use email server to send and receive mail. Is your mail server configured correctly so that no one can send email through your server.

An open mail relay is not a technology, It is an idea to configure mail server in such a way that it allows anyone including spammers on the Internet to send e-mail through it.

Spammers uses open relay SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) servers to send unsolicited mail to a large number of email recipients. They also use open relay mail serve r to protect their identity from others. The owner of the mail server would loose lot of bandwidth, disk space and delay in the important mail delivery.

How to check Open Relay mail server

There are a lot of tools available over internet to check open relay status of your mail server. Two them are listed here which i found working correctly.

Simple tool just say open relay status in Yes/No. Useful for beginners.

More advance tools to check mail server. Provide detailed status of the checking process. Useful for expert user who understand mail server technology.

Written by Bala Krishna

Bala Krishna is web developer and occasional blogger from Bhopal, MP, India. He like to share idea, issue he face while working with the code.