I was looking for a web service to take automatic daily backup of my blog content. Just found blog backup online page and find it suitable for medium size blogs. BlogBackupOnline providing excellent service for backup without doing any setting on you blog. It support almost all popular blogs type on the web including wordpress and typepad. The blog backup is effortless, you can backup, restore and export you blog anytime, anywhere. You have to do nothing at you end, Just sign up for the service and add you blog. It will take full automatic full backup of the blog after completion of registration. No software or programming skill required because backup process use RSS feed for backup of the blog. Backup include post, comments, and media used in the blog. However you have option to unselect media files fo r backup. This will save a lot of space used by the service and allow you to backup more blog freely. The took a glance of the feature blogbackup online offering.


  1. Automatic full backup after registration.
  2. Daily incremental backup.
  3. Effortless backup, restore, and export option.
  4. You have option to select media files for backup.
  5. 50MB space per account.
  6. Support multiple account in one account.
  7. Support for all major blogging software including wordpress, typepad, blogger, Vox, Live Journal, Friendster, Serendipity, Windows Live Spaces, Movable Type, Terapad, and Multiply.
  8. Support export blog to any location.
  9. You can restore backup to almost any platform. Simply means you can switch one blog to another blog platform easily.
  10. It reads your RSS and XML feeds daily to back up all new posts everyday.
  11. SSL protection with an encryption key length of 128-bits.


Register Link: https://www.blogbackuponline.com/techrigy/signup.aspx
FAQs: https://www.blogbackuponline.com/techrigy/faq.aspx
Terms of Service: https://www.blogbackuponline.com/techrigy/terms.aspx


Written by Bala Krishna

Bala Krishna is web developer and occasional blogger from Bhopal, MP, India. He like to share idea, issue he face while working with the code.