Process is a state of execution of a program. in the multiuser system, number of process running inside the environment. Two or more process running concurrently try to share data files each other that is called Inter Process Communication.

IPC follows shared variable and message passing complementary communication scheme. The process are expected to exchange information through the use of shared variables for communication. One process must perform some action such as setting the value of variable . The message passing system scheme e allows the process to exchange message between the threads. In message passing scheme,? the responsibility for providing communication rests with the operation system itself and in shared memory scheme the responsibility for providing communication rests with the application program. Both the scheme are not mutually exclusive and could be used simultaneously within the single operating system. The function of a message passing system is to allow processes? to communicate with each other without the need to resort to shared variables. IPC scheme provides send and receive operation to that help process to communication each other. If two process communicate , then both process can send and receive message each other. A communication link will be exist between them to send and receive data.

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