It is very difficult to open .docx files for the user who are using older version of Microsoft Office. Microsoft Office introduced new .docx file format in the ms office 2007. Users who are using ms office 2003 or older version can not open .docx document.

There are several way to open .docx and other file format associated with MS-Office 2007 like .pptx or .xlsx even without installing ms office 2007.

1) First and easiest way is to use Google docs to open your .docx file. There are several other benefit using Google docs for document. You can convert as well as store your files in Google docs and open wherever you want.  Users who are using Gmail might be already familiar with google doc and know how easy it is to manage doc with Google docs.

2) Use Microsoft office compatibility pack released for backward compatibility. You need to download and install Microsoft office compatibility pack from Microsoft website. After installation you will be able to open .docx file in your microsoft office version currently installed on your system.

3) Download and Use OpenOffice to open .docx file. You can also use OpenOffice for all you Microsoft office need. OpenOffice is now widely used as Microsoft office replacement and commonly used office suite in Linux environment.  This package available in many languages and available for almost all platform including Mac OSX and Linux. Download OpenOffice installer from here. You can also download and use open office portable version without installing OpenOffice whenever you need.

Written by Bala Krishna

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  1. Carpet Tiles

    i use both open office and microsoft office and i would say that microsoft office is more responsive and user friendly -`;