If you are developer like me many times we need to check website in different browser. As for as other browser concern, they update automatically when new version released. but this is not case with Internet Explorer. IE don’t show any upgrade notice to users so lot of non tech user stuck on old Internet Explorer version. Although, those people are very less but what should we do if client ask to check in old Internet Explorer version.  This post describe some of best online and offline tools available to check website in multiple IE versions.

IETester – Offline Desktop Tools

IE tester is great real time tool to check website in different Internet Explorer(IE) versions. It support  IE5.5, IE6, IE7, IE8 and IE9. IETester have all in one Internet Explorer rendering engine within one application. With IETester, you can not only check website in different IE version but it also allow developers to debug website in real time using DebugBar.

Good for real time web browsing and debugging.Only support windows platform. Mac and Linux users need to use online tools.

IES4Linux – Offline Desktop Tools for Linux and Mac OS X Users

IEs4Linux is a desktop application run multiple instance of  Microsoft Internet Explorer on Linux and Mac OS X using Wine. IEs4Linux is free to use and open source.  It’s support IE5, IE5.5 and IE6, IE7, IE8 and IE9 support in beta stage.  Installation is very simple through easy to use installation script. Once installed you are ready to use multiple IE versions to test your websites.  This application is very useful for developers who use Linux as development environment and want to test their site in Internet Explorer.

IE Net Renderer – Online Tools

IE NetRenderer is an online tool allows you to check  website in Internet Explorer. It is completely free and support Internet Explorer 5.5, 6, 7, 8 rendering engine. There is no queue, website image display almost immediately.

Key Features: faster then other web rendering engine on the web but only support internet explorer.

Browser Shots (https://browsershots.org)

Browser shots is multi-platform website allow you to check website in different platform and browser combination. All major browsers supported in Windows, Linux and BSD platform. Total 78 browsers & operating system combination’s are available. For mac and mobile testing, they are promoting cross browser testing (http://crossbrowsertesting.com) application which is paid.

IETester is embedding multiple versions of Internet Explorer rendering engine (called Trident) into one process.

Trident is an ActiveX control, thus a COM object, and can be embedded into any application.

IEtester is using this logic to embed engines, but hooks the COM functions to redirect calls to custom IE versions instead of the standard one installed on the OS.

Written by Bala Krishna

Bala Krishna is web developer and occasional blogger from Bhopal, MP, India. He like to share idea, issue he face while working with the code.