Thanks to all of you to have patience for invitation. I just back today from one week vacation so was not able to check mails. I just sent Joost invitation to the blow mentioned email addresses. Please check your Inbox and Spam box for invitation mail. If you have accidentally deleted or email still not reached to you then let me know.

Email Address to whom invitation has been sent:

Tony DeRosa – tony*
Venu Gopal – venu*
Rmelco – rmelco*

Leave a comment with your email address to get invitation. 997 more left to send!

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Written by Bala Krishna

Bala Krishna is web developer and occasional blogger from Bhopal, MP, India. He like to share idea, issue he face while working with the code.

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  1. gizmo1964


    I would love a invite to Joost if you have any more..

    Thank you

  2. gary

    Hello, Bala-Krishna. I would like to have a joost invite if you would be so kind. I would greatly appreciate your help. Best Regards Gary email:

  3. Luckyone

    Please send me an invite for Joost Thanks alot

  4. Luckyone

    Please send me an invite for joost
    Thanks alot

  5. jacked

    Thank you Bala. Please send me a joost invite when you can. Regards.

  6. garfield

    Add me( too, friend.

    Thanks a lot.

  7. chicoluv

    Hey friend ,can u send a invite to

  8. Aelexei

    May I have an invitation for Joost also? Thank You very much. Have a Good Memorial Day Weekend.

  9. afzee

    Hey Bala Sir,

    Great to see your website today, that too from organic serach results. Accidently I got the link of ur website and it’s really nice to visit and leave comment out here.

    When everyone is asking for Joost invitation, I do wanna request the same & it would be very kind if you can send me the invitation.

    E-mail :
    Gud luck & gud speed!!!


    Afzal Khan
    Internet Marketing & SEO Professional

  10. Bala Krishna

    It is really good to hear that you reached through organic results, initially i thought u got the link from orkut profile. Now, there is no need to get and invitation, you can invite yourself for joost. follow the link to get an invitation yourself. However i have sent you one on your behalf.

    I just started blogging for fun and within three month of span i am getting huge amount of traffic that encouraged me to continue with blogging. Now, i am practically realizing power of blogging and RSS feed.