Experience new Indian railway website. Finally crisp has changed years old website to new fresh look. The new looks is not so good as it should be but certainly it is better then before. Color are too dull and not eye catchy. There is so much more room to improve website design.

One new change i have noticed is the speed. Speed of website loading and information retrieval considerably increased.

Experience the difference and share with others.

Written by Bala Krishna

Bala Krishna is web developer and occasional blogger from Bhopal, MP, India. He like to share idea, issue he face while working with the code.

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  1. sharad

    EKTA EXPRESS 14795/96Ekta Express – The Great Difficulty Express
    The Ekta express has been the great difficulty express for the people of the Bhiwani, Rohtak, Gohana, Panipat districts of Haryana. It is a train with the burden to carry 1000’s of daily pessengers, families, bussinessmen, students and tourists travelling between Bhiwani and Chandigarh. The major problem is that train is linked to Himalyan Queen Express in its common route from Panipat to Kalka. We understand that it may be saving the running costs but the share for the Bhiwani/Rohtak side passengers is way less. We have got only 5 general boggies for our share, whereas only one train runs from Bhiwani to Chd and Chd to Bhiwani in a day. Dehli, Chandigarh is linked to with many a trains and it would be great if Ekta Express is expanded to accomodate more pessengers. Ac-Sleeper coaches would be a great advantage for senior citizens, bussiness class, families and tourists. Their may be considered a fesibilty to run the train independently as it can than be run on its own saving the half an hour delay at the Panipat station as per the linkage of two trains.
    This is also an appeal to people travelling on this route, to please comment and raise a voice for the betterment of the railways in the district.
    We would be thankfull to Indian Railways if our problem is considred for the feasibility surveys