Useful .htaccess Rules

Redirecting old domain name to new domain name with the old page to new page. ? Options +FollowSymLinks RewriteEngine on RewriteRule (.*)$1 [R=301,L] Hiding .php extension by this rule. Entire .html page on your domain will be translate as .php page. Options +FollowSymLinks RewriteEngine on RewriteRule (.*).html$ $1.php Resolving…continue reading →

What is AJAX?

Ajax is the web technology that enable web application behave just like desktop application. One of the biggest problems with traditional web programs is that they have that “Web” feel — you have to keep clicking buttons to move from one page to another page, and watch the screen flicker…continue reading →

PHP: Recursively File Folder Scan

Use the function read_my_dir to scan a folder and subfolders for files and to return array of file and folder traversed. Function is a working copy of the code tested fully on Fedora5 and Window XP plateform. function read_my_dir($dir) { global $tfile,$tdir;$i=0;$j=0;$myfiles; $myfiles[][] = array(); if (is_dir($dir)) { if ($dh…continue reading →

Send Executable Attachment with GMail

When you receive an e-mail from an address that doesn’t end in, Gmail looks at attachments for file extensions known to be executable (such as .dll, .exe, .vbs, and so forth), so if someone sends you one of these file types, their message will bounce back. This goes for…continue reading →

Get Free Search Engine Traffic

An online marketers and webmasters are constantly searching for ways to improve their search engine rankings. The natural fact is that most websites get the most of their traffic from leading search engines. If you give the search engines what they are looking for, your site will do well in…continue reading →