Virtual Box VM Player
Small foot print – take less space in the hard drive. Large foot print – take considerable space in the hard drive.
Support Seamless Mode with guest addition in which guest system integrated in host system. Support Unity Mode for same purpose with VM Tools.
Additional guest edition need to install for additional functionality. In VMWare it is called VM Tools that automatically downloaded and installed on machine during installation.
No Easy Install Mode Support. Support Easy Install Mode in which use can install operating system without user interaction save lot of time in installation.
Shared Folder supported but it is tricky to make it works. Share Folder support and almost automated with VMWare Tools. VM Tools automatically add shared folder in windows network that make shared folder easier to access from guest system. VM Player allows you to directly drag and drop files between both the guest and host systems
Fully support Snapshot Management Available in VM Workstation which is paid version.
Fully support VM Player hard disk file. It means you can run .VMDK file in Virtual Box. VM Player do not support virtual box hard disk (.VDI) file.
Networking is not easy with Virtual Box. I had hard time seeing guest os (win xp sp3) in host machine (win7). That is the reason i switched to vmware because i was not able to switch files between host to guest operating systems. Very easy to setup. VM Tools automatically setup everything for you. My guest os automatically appear in Network Places without doing anything and i can easily copy files between my host to guest with drag and drop.
No Windows Aero Theme Support Support Windows Aero Theme

Written by Bala Krishna

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