If you are facing this error and could not find a solution then you are at right place. I hope what i am sharing here could solve your issue.

This error comes most likely due to corrupted installation media so to work correctly you just need to make sure installation media you are using is fine.  So do the following to make sure your installation media is error free:

  1. Make sure ISO image you have downloaded is not corrupted in transfer.
  2. Make sure ISO image is not corrupted during transfer from one PC to another PC. (I am specially mentioning here because this was my case. I have downloaded ISO image on one machine but intended installation machine was different. so the transfer media such as USB hard disk or Pan Drive was used.)
  3. Make sure your ISO image burned without error on DVD.

Now, next question is how you can verify downloaded ISO file.  There are several way to do verify ISO file accuracy.

  1. Try to extract iso file content in a folder.  ISO files should be extracted without error. You can use WinRAR or  Magic ISO to extract ISO image file content.
  2. There is a chance to extract ISO file without error even if few files inside ISO are corrupted so you need to double verify image file. Follow next step for additional verification.
  3. Download MagicDisk (Free Utility) and install in your system. MagicDisk is free virtual disk program that can mount any iso or nrg(nero image) to a Virtual CD. Try mounting downloaded image file from this utility.  If image file loaded correctly in a newly created Virtual CD disk then your installation media is fine and you can burn ISO file into DVD media.
  4. Make sure to check data validation after DVD burning so you can make sure DVD burned is error free.

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