BSNL has stopped EVDO and NIC data card booking from last one month. Myself and lot of other EVDO lovers still waiting for the booking to restart. This is more important and awaiting because new EVDO promotional offer rolling out countrywide on BSNL website offering EVDO card @750/month. This is cheapest price bsnl offering in comparison to other telecoms companies. You can expect this kind of things only with BSNL. This is how Sarkari system works. New promotional offer advertisement giving out in media but billing system no longer works from a month. Moreover, promotional offer time is ending on 31st March. It seems new system not going to work soon so nobody will be able to take advantage of this offer.

According to BSNL representative, their new DOT Software system stopped working in the first week of Feb and they have no information on when new system working again. Also, new billing software has lot of issues in billing and booking system. Myself received previous month bill two times with extended charges. It seems new system adopted without proper quality testing by authorities. BSNL employee don’t care what is happening.

Don’t experiment anything if your connection running smoothly and you don’t have specific need. Let me explain why!

There are two incidence happened with me that i never expected. You can not expect this kind of issue with a professional company.

1) I am using BSNL broadband from last 3 years and more. The  reason is i don’t have any alternative in my area. For a year, i used broadband 550 plan and quiet happy with speed and everything. After a year, i feel to change broadband 550 plan to unlimited broadband 999 (Now 750/-) plan due to large volume usage. I reached to BSNL office and give them written application for the change of plan. After one week of application submission my connection stopped working. Initially  i thought there may be a issue with DNS or temporarily server problem. Second day i called customer care and they suggest me to inquire on BSNL new market head office. I reached there and head office representative said to inquire on our area exchange office. Again, i reached my area exchange office but there were only blank chairs saying me why you came here, No body here to attend you. After three visits, i met with my local area office head and what he said was really surprising for me and may be for you too. My connection was cut. They presented me broadband termination order they received from head office. I matched termination order date with the plan change receipt i had. The dates were same. This was simply means they had released connection termination order in place of plan change order. After one week mental and physical practice i got why my connection stopped working and next one week to reconnect my connection. Till date my BSNL bills was paid and i have no due to pay BSNL. How i managed to reconnect my connection is another story. It’s much to learn how  BSNL works.

2) In Jan 2009, they launched new broadband scheme 799 that allow unlimited free calls on BSNL mobile and landline network. I finally decided to take advantage of this offer and again did a blunder mistake. After plan change i received next month bill just doubled. In inquiry, account department said they charged one month price as security deposit. My connection was booked without security deposit and without modem purchase or modem rental under a promotional scheme when i booked my connection 3 years back. The account person said, when plan change or system see any activity in account their software treat account holder as new account holder and add one month plan charge as security deposit in bill if security deposit not already paid by account holder. This is how their system works. After, three years they are charging a loyel customer security deposit even my connection was booked without security deposit. The story not stopped here. As i said, I never paid for modem till now because BSNL were giving modem free of cost at the time of my booking. Let’s see what happen.

Let’s come back to original story. If you have anything to share on BSNL EVDO please feel free to comment so other people take advantage of information.

Written by Bala Krishna

Bala Krishna is web developer and occasional blogger from Bhopal, MP, India. He like to share idea, issue he face while working with the code.