Read NTFS partition from DOS, Win 98 Operation System

Read NTFS partition from DOS, Win 98 Operation System

NTFS is most powerful and high performance file system used by Microsoft in the most of the operation systems including WinXP, WinNT, Win200, Win2003 and Windows Vista. NTFS extremely powerful and supports file-level security, compression, large volume drives and RAID storage solution. It also has ability to protect your sensitive…continue reading →

Know the firefox shortcuts

Learn world most popular web browser joined by the millions of people worldwide enjoying a better Web experience. Shortcut with CTRL key. CTRL+Enter --> Add to the domain automatically. CTRL+T --> Lanch new tab. CTRL+K --> Go to the Google search bar. CTRL+D --> Bookmark the current opened page.…continue reading →

Killing application process in linux

As a Linux user, sometimes you need to terminate some application or process. There are many reason to kill application: 1) To quickly reclaim memory. 2) To kill suspicious process that may harm your system. 3) or to simply get rid of hanged program that out of your control. To…continue reading →

Joost Invitation Request Status

Check out this post for the status of your Joost Invitation Request. People to whom invitation sent. ja**** Status: Sent tony* Status: Sent venu* Status: Sent rmelco* Status: Sent Status: Sent Status: Sent Status: Sent Status: Sent Status: Sent Status: Sent Status: Sent…continue reading →

Formating date and time in PHP

PHP5 introduced a new function called date_format to format date and time into the string which was lacking in the earlier version of php. The function require two parameters: one is date object and second is format string. Syntax string date_format ( DateTime $object, string $format ) Unfortunately, PHP4 and…continue reading →

Creating simple percent bar using Java Script function

Create simple percent bar using Java Script function. The function uses plain table and td? to render percent bar on page. The function can be extend to create progress bar. <script> function IndexBar(BarLength, PercnetI, BackColor ) { document.write("<table border='1' width='"+BarLength+"' cellspacing='0' cellpadding='0' bordercolor='#"+BackColor+"' bgcolor='\#"+BackColor+"'>"); document.write ("<tr>"); document.write ("<td width='75\%' bgcolor='\#"+BackColor+"'>");…continue reading →