I usually open adsense by typing adsense keyword in the search box rather then typing in browser address bar. Today strange behavior of google search result have been noticed. Search using key phrased “Google Adsense” result me to show google adsense on top of the result. The result appear with label “This site may harm your computer”. I guess this is due to false human update by StopBadware.org. Google uses StopBadware.org to flag search result that may harm visitor computer.

See screen shot below: (Click on the image for full view)



Written by Bala Krishna

Bala Krishna is web developer and occasional blogger from Bhopal, MP, India. He like to share idea, issue he face while working with the code.

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  1. Rajesh Kumar

    Wow! I can’t believe that someone reported Google to StopBadware.org. Lol!

    Don’t StopBadware.org cross check the sites that are being reported to them? At least they must whitelist Google, yahoo and other big player 🙂

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  3. Dave

    Is prosperent available for india? Their site says they only ad in countries that they have products for sale in. Is India included in them?