IMEI number is unique mobile identification number used to identify mobile device. Unique IMEI number assigned to each mobile device by the manufacturer when product manufactured. If your mobile got stolen then this number play important role in tracking. Without IMEI number your and other security agency can not track mobile devices. When you lost your mobile number, your service provider can block usage of your mobile phone or track which SIM card used in your mobile phone. Mobile operators share a global database of lost phone IMEI numbers so that lost mobile phone can not be used with any other operator.  When someone try to put new SIM card in the stolen mobile phone then mobile operator refuse to register that mobile phone with SIM card so the mobile is useless until IMEI number unblocked by operator. If you get chance to receive your mobile phone back then mobile phone can be unblock again using IMEI number. You should unblock your mobile phone with mobile operator to make your lost mobile phone usable.

How to Check IMEI Number

To check mobile phone IMEI number dial “#06#” without quote.  You should see 15 digit mobile IMEI number on your mobile screen. Note it down in safe place so that you can use it when you need it. In other way, you can find it below the battery of your mobile phone. This is the place where mobile manufacturer print mobile IMEI number. Dual sim phone have two IMEI numbers below the battery. You can also find IMEI number on you mobile purchase bill. Most of the mobile vendor write down IMEI numbers in purchase bill.

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