New email notification in the system tray as small pop-up message is a great way to get informed for new email instantly. Most of the email client support this feature in the core product. Recently , i switched to Mozilla Thunderbird and surprised to see that this functionality not available in Mozilla Thunderbird by default.

However, you can add this functionality very easily in Mozilla Thunderbird by installing add-on MinimizeToTray Plus. This way Thunderbird will be stay in system tray and you will always new email notification in the taskbar Mozilla Thunderbird has large repository of add-on that you can use to extend functionality of Thunderbird and Firefox. Many add-on support both Firefox and Thunderbird.

How to install MinimizeToTray Plus

  1. Download the MinimizeToTray Plus extension here and save file to the disk. If you are using Firefox right click on the download link and select “Save link as” to save file to the computer disk.
  2. Open Mozilla Thunderbird and go to Tools->Add-ons and click on Install.
  3. Select MinimizeToTray Plus extension file and complete installation process.
  4. Restart Mozilla Thunderbird after installation complete.
  5. Now Go to and select  Tools->Add-ons -> MinimizeToTray Plus and click on options button to configure setting as you want.

Written by Bala Krishna

Bala Krishna is web developer and occasional blogger from Bhopal, MP, India. He like to share idea, issue he face while working with the code.

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  1. Grafik

    yo wazzup… i just wanted to say that my msie is crashing when I click on the text… are you using some java or something?