You must seen a little text strip in the bottom of the movie screen following dialog’s narrated by cast. Those are called subtitles. In other words, subtitles are basically text representation of dialog in a movie or program. Subtitles can be in same language or different language that helps peoples to understand spoken dialog’s. This really helps people who are unable to recognize accent in a spoken language.

Watching movies with subtitles on pc fairly easy. All you need a player that support Subtitles. Subtitles files usually contain .srt extension and basically a text file that can be open in any text editor. The VLC Media Player is most recommended player which support subtitles but many others also available that you can use for same purpose. Some of them i tried are: Media Player Classic, BS PLayer, KM Player, M Player.

Now you have player that support subtitles. Now look inside movie file directory for subtitles (.srt) file. If not there are plenty of website offering subtitles in number of languages. Try any of the below website, download subtitles (.srt) file and save file into same location where movie file reside.

Note: Make sure subtitles file has same file name as movie file name. See above picture for an example. VLC Media Player look for subtitles file with the same name in the same directory. If subtitles file have different name then rename it to to movie file name. Do not change extension.



Written by Bala Krishna

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