VBScript is a lightweight script programming language like JavaScript. It is light version of Microsoft Visual Basic for the web. VBScript can be inserted into a HTML document and run at client side. Below is the list of general function supported by VBScript. These function also available in Microsoft Visual Basic.

CDateConverts a valid date and time expression to the variant of subtype Date
DateReturns the current system date
DateAddReturns a date to which a specified time interval has been added
DateDiffReturns the number of intervals between two dates
DatePartReturns the specified part of a given date
DateSerialReturns the date for a specified year, month, and day
DateValueReturns a date
DayReturns a number that represents the day of the month (between 1 and 31, inclusive)
FormatDateTimeReturns an expression formatted as a date or time
HourReturns a number that represents the hour of the day (between 0 and 23, inclusive)
IsDateReturns a Boolean value that indicates if the evaluated expression can be converted to a date
MinuteReturns a number that represents the minute of the hour (between 0 and 59, inclusive)
MonthReturns a number that represents the month of the year (between 1 and 12, inclusive)
MonthNameReturns the name of a specified month
NowReturns the current system date and time
SecondReturns a number that represents the second of the minute (between 0 and 59, inclusive)
TimeReturns the current system time
TimerReturns the number of seconds since 12:00 AM
TimeSerialReturns the time for a specific hour, minute, and second
TimeValueReturns a time
WeekdayReturns a number that represents the day of the week (between 1 and 7, inclusive)
WeekdayNameReturns the weekday name of a specified day of the week

Written by Bala Krishna

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