Convert video files to FLV using FFMPEG command

FFMPEG is a most popular command line tool to convert media files such as audio, video and images from one format to another. We are going to learn ffmpeg command usage to convert other media format to current most popular streaming FLV format. FFMPEG is cross platform tool and does…continue reading →

Linux VI Editor commands

In the graphical Linux world, vi editor now rarely used. But it is only choice at command prompt if graphical interface not available. The VI editor shipped with almost every Linux distributions.? The most hardest and annoying things with vi editor is to switching between Command Mode and Input Mode.?…continue reading →
CentOS Enterprise Class Linux Distribution

CentOS Enterprise Class Linux Distribution

CentOS is free growing enterprise class computing platform supported by core developers including network administrators, system administrators, enterprise users, managers, core Linux contributors and Linux enthusiasts from all over the world. CentOS provide stable Linux solutions for individuals and organizations? ? who do not need strong commercial support to achieve…continue reading →