Google using MySQL4 literally

It is known that Google using MySQL 4 for some of the their light application that are not related to search technology. However, It has been patched according to the requirement and available to download from Google website. Google guys patched to make MySql more stable in the area of…continue reading →
DNAStream – Joost web based clone

DNAStream – Joost web based clone

DNAStream is new service allow to view video clips online in web based environment. You don't need to download any software and install in your machine. You only required flash player installed on your machine to make application work. DNAStream uses flash to stream video. The look and feel of…continue reading →

Word Press 2.2.3 Admin Function Acess Deny Fix “You don’t have permission to do that”

Recently, I had upgrade to word press 2.2.3 version and get rid of old word press non widget version. Everything was working fine as before except i was unable to add new category in the post. Every time word press deny access with the message "You don't have permission to…continue reading →

Difference between predefined PHP $HTTP_SESSION_VARS and $_SESSION session variables

$_SESSION $_SESSION variable is an associative array hold session variable available to the current script. This is automatic global variable also called super global variable. By default, this variable is available in all scopes throughout the script. $HTTP_SESSION_VARS Despite of $_SESSION variable, $HTTP_SESSION_VARS variable is not by default auto global…continue reading →