jQuery For Mobile Devices

jQuery For Mobile Devices

This is exciting news for mobile device developers. jQuery Mobile 1.0 Alpha framework has been released for Smartphones & Tablets.  JQuery Mobile framework is highly cross-platform & cross-device. The final 1.0 version is scheduled to arrive in January. As JQuery Mobile framework is cross-platform so the developed application will work…continue reading →

PNG Files Transparency Problem(Grey Color) in Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer below 7.0 does not support 24-bit alpha channel transparent PNG images. PNG image background turn into gray color rather then transparent. IE version 7 and above completely solved this issue and fully support PNG images.? Other modern browser such as Firefox, Opera, Flock support png images from start.…continue reading →

Create JavaScript Confirm Box for Record Deletion

Confirmation before deletion of record is very useful to preserve data from accidental record deletion. With confirmation process will be in two steps. Here is the javascript way to ask user whether they want to delete record or not. <a onclick="return confirm('Are you sure you want to delete?')" href="page.page?act=delete&id=1">Delete</a> You…continue reading →