How to Create Zip File in Dot.NET Application

ZIP files(files with .zip extension) are well known file format used for file compression. After compression, file size  can be significantly reduced and multiple files and folder can be archive into a single zip file.  All zip files can be password protected to reduce risk of unauthorized access. Almost every…continue reading →

PNG Files Transparency Problem(Grey Color) in Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer below 7.0 does not support 24-bit alpha channel transparent PNG images. PNG image background turn into gray color rather then transparent. IE version 7 and above completely solved this issue and fully support PNG images.? Other modern browser such as Firefox, Opera, Flock support png images from start.…continue reading →

Set / Retrieve Script Timeout in ASP

The ScriptTimeout property in ASP specifies the amount of run-time in seconds for a script before it terminates. The default value is 90 seconds set by IIS. Set the script timeout: <% Server.ScriptTimeout=200 %> Retrieve the current value of the ScriptTimeout property: <% response.write(Server.ScriptTimeout) %>continue reading →

Visual Basic Data Types

There are 11 data types in Visual Basic 6. These are Boolean, Byte, Currency, Date, Double, Integer, Long, Object, Single, String, and Variant. Each of these data types have their own purpose. I am describing here all data type: Boolean The Boolean data type has only two states, True and…continue reading →