Google using MySQL4 literally

It is known that Google using MySQL 4 for some of the their light application that are not related to search technology. However, It has been patched according to the requirement and available to download from Google website. Google guys patched to make MySql more stable in the area of…continue reading →
DNAStream – Joost web based clone

DNAStream – Joost web based clone

DNAStream is new service allow to view video clips online in web based environment. You don't need to download any software and install in your machine. You only required flash player installed on your machine to make application work. DNAStream uses flash to stream video. The look and feel of…continue reading →

The SES Event Schedule

SES China - Date: May 25–26, 2007 Discussion Point Who are the major search engines beyond Baidu, Google & Yahoo? How to market and optimize with character-based content? How to understand the Chinese internet users' behavior? How to find and work with local partners? How to monetize on the massive…continue reading → an ultimate site to read and write reviews

Mouthshut is good site to read and write reviews. I find it very useful. Every review is written by normal genuine user not by the member sponsored by the company or product marketers. Thousands of product listed under various category and new product can be added easily. The website is launch to target Indian audience. Marketing policy of the site is excellent. They organize weekly monthly draw and best reviewer awards to encourage reviewers. Look and feel of the site is impressive and presentation of reviews look like a group of friends discussing to the topic in the college campus. I always read product reviews from this site before to make purchase. The site is really helpful to know pros and cons of the products before purchasing. I am a member of the site for more then a year and unfortunately written only one review till now. Here is my profile. Afzee, greatest friend, most active user, reviewer and "REVIEWER OF THE MONTH AWARD WINNER" on Here is his profile. Hope this article help you.

Useful .htaccess Rules

Redirecting old domain name to new domain name with the old page to new page. ? Options +FollowSymLinks RewriteEngine on RewriteRule (.*)$1 [R=301,L] Hiding .php extension by this rule. Entire .html page on your domain will be translate as .php page. Options +FollowSymLinks RewriteEngine on RewriteRule (.*).html$ $1.php Resolving…continue reading →

Get Free Search Engine Traffic

An online marketers and webmasters are constantly searching for ways to improve their search engine rankings. The natural fact is that most websites get the most of their traffic from leading search engines. If you give the search engines what they are looking for, your site will do well in…continue reading →