Submit your website to our directory free

Submit your website to our directory free

Thanks for the Juan to inform me of Captcha submission error in web directory module. Due to the error people was not able to submit website to our directory. You are all welcome to submit your website to our web directory absolutely free. No reciprocal required. Website will be reviewed…continue reading →

The First Poem Written for Computers

<>!*''# ^"`$$- !*=@$_ %*<>~4 &[]../ |{,,SYSTEM HALTED If we use the proper cyber names then it will be translated like this Waka waka bang splat tick tick hash, Caret quote back-tick dollar dollar dash, Bang splat equal at dollar under-score, Percent splat waka waka tilde number four, Ampersand bracket bracket…continue reading →
WebThumb snapping the web

WebThumb snapping the web

A new web 2.0 website thumbnail web service has been launched. You can take any web page snapshot in a very short span of time. Webthumb is very fast then other service over the net. The service offering numerous features: Create thumb in 4 different Sizes 80x60,160x120,320x240,640x480. Keep aspect ratio…continue reading →
Schedule Tasks in Windows XP

Schedule Tasks in Windows XP

Schedule Tasks is a utility in window like Cron Job in Linux to run any script, program at specified time. Scheduled Tasks starts every time you start Windows Operating system and runs silently in the background, and it starts each task that you schedule at the time that you specify…continue reading →
AIM chat now with GMail

AIM chat now with GMail

Google just launched AIM chat with Gmail and several? new features incorporated. Now you can talk to your AIM friends using an integrated chat inside Gmail. Your AIM contact list will be automatically populated in Gmail user contact list. You need to have AIM account to sign in using Gmail.…continue reading →

Mozy Online System Backup Service

Mozy is no-hassle online backup service that backup important data from your pc without user intervention. It stay in taskbar and take back at mozy remote server silently. It is able backup your outlook, photo, music and other important file specified during configuration. You have the option of select specific files and directories. It has several features, take a look... Features:
  1. Ability to backup open or locked files by OS.
  2. Secure your data with 128-bit SSL encryption.
  3. Secures your files in the storage media with the 448-bit Blowfish encryption. This feature assure you safety of your private data from hackers.
  4. Scheduler to back on specified time.
  5. Ability to take incremental backup by detecting new and changed files.
  6. Backs up Outlook files.
Is it Free - 2 GB free space for backup. Unlimited backup - $4.95 Per/Month Sign Up Today to get free online backup

Google Page Rank (PR) update

Hi Folks, Google has started page rank update. However it is still fluctuating not stable but you will get idea what the rank you are getting when PR will be stable. If you are not concerned with Google PR. Check here about it and learn how it can influence you…continue reading →

Truncate text to specified character limit without cutting word

Self explanatory function to get limited text from long paragraph. function limit_text($mystring, $no_of_chars, $append_text) { //Varaible definition //$mystring -> Text string that need to be process //$no_of_chars -> Number of character to be display //$append_text -> Append text at the end of truncated text to show more to read. //like…continue reading →