How to Highlight PHP Source Code in WordPress Post

PHP Source Code Highlighter (syntaxhighlighter) Wordpress plugin allow you to post php code inside your wordpress post with syntax highlight and line number. The plugin preserve code formatting and do not encode character until you do manually. Supports the following languages: * C++ -- `cpp`, `c`, `c++` * C# --…continue reading →

How To Clean Special Characters From PHP String

If you are looking for the PHP special characters clean function then this post might be useful for you. This function can used to remove special character as well as able to replace specific character with other equivalent character or string. Here is detailed explanation of function: $specialCharacters Array: This array used to replace special character with other character or string. if you want to interchange (+) with (plus) then you need to specify in the array. You can add/remove array element according to your requirement. strtr function: This function used to replace other language special characters to plain English character. You can remove this line safely but ensure before that these characters not in your string and you don't need to remove them. Last 4 line used to remove other unknown unwanted special characters. [sourcecode language='php'] function just_clean($string) { // Replace other special chars $specialCharacters = array( '#' => '', '$' => '', '%' => '', '&' => '', '@' => '', '.' => '', '€' => '', '+' => '', '=' => '', '§' => '', '\\' => '', '/' => '', ); while (list($character, $replacement) = each($specialCharacters)) { $string = str_replace($character, '-' . $replacement . '-', $string); } $string = strtr($string, "ÀÁÂÃÄÅ? áâãäåÒÓÔÕÖØòóôõöøÈÉÊËèéêëÇçÌÍÎÏìíîïÙÚÛÜùúûüÿÑñ", "AAAAAAaaaaaaOOOOOOooooooEEEEeeeeCcIIIIiiiiUUUUuuuuyNn" ); // Remove all remaining other unknown characters $string = preg_replace('/[^a-zA-Z0-9\-]/', ' ', $string); $string = preg_replace('/^[\-]+/', '', $string); $string = preg_replace('/[\-]+$/', '', $string); $string = preg_replace('/[\-]{2,}/', ' ', $string); return $string; } [/sourcecode]
WordPress 406 Not Acceptable Error Fix

WordPress 406 Not Acceptable Error Fix

I just received "Not Acceptable Error while i tried to edit post in Word Press 2.5. Earlier, It was working fine but in the previous post i get annoying error when i tried to save and continue my article. But soon i realize cause of the error. Again, the error…continue reading →

PHP Fatal Error Fix: Can’t use method return value in write context

PHP compiler generate fatal error if you use function return value in read/write context. Although this is not applicable for all PHP supported function but PHP function like empty does not support use of the function in this way. In other words, php empty function cannot check the return value…continue reading →

WordPress 2.5 Popularity Contest Plugin Fatal Error Fix

If you are using Alex popularity plug-in then you might face this error while upgrading plug-in automatically in WP 2.5. This error generate due to invalid wp-header file path in plug-in file. Unfortunately, Alex not released new fixed version of the this popular plug-in. However, fix is really very simple…continue reading →

CubeCart 4.x.x Cross-Site Scripting Vulnerabilities

Two vulnerabilities has been discoverd in CubeCart 4.xx by Russ McRee that can be use by hackers to exploit website by cross-site scripting attacks. The search input string is not properly sanitised before passed to script for execution. This behaviour can be used by attacker to execute malicious script code…continue reading →
Google Custom Search Engine Plugin for WordPress

Google Custom Search Engine Plugin for WordPress

Google CSE is very nice plug-in to create Google custom search engine from your wordpress blog roll. This plug-in uses xml file for configuration. With this plug-in visitors will be able to search your blog roll and your blog instead of searching entire world wide web. The 2.0 version is…continue reading →

Connect to your PC over internet with SynXro

SynXro is another web based product to connect, a PC to PC; or PC to LAN connection. SynXro allows you to access all the drives of your PC and all the network drives of all PCs connected to your Local Area Network from anywhere in the world. You only need…continue reading →

ClipShare 2.6 uprofile.php SQL Injection Vulnerability

This is the security issue primarily reported by Krit. and Pr0metheuS. ClipShare leading PHP video sharing script has an SQL injection exploit in user profile page(uprofile.php). ClipShare application does not properly sanitize user supplied UID data before using in an SQL query. Hackers can use this exploit to access or…continue reading →