CakePHP Call to undefined function vendor() Error

Vendor() function basically used to load third party library in CakePHP. This function have been deprecated in the recent CakePHP releases.  The vendor function in earlier CakePHP releases has been replace with new App::import method that is more user friendly and allow you to include third party library in several ways.…continue reading →

What is Cryptography

Cryptography is the process of transforming digital information into an unintelligible form so that it can be sent over unsafe channel of communication.  The transformed data called cipher text that is in the form that nobody can understand.  The transformation process handled by a data key.  This key required to…continue reading →

WordPress.TV – New Addition to WordPress Family

Wordpress announced new Wordpress.TV where you can find all wordpress resources in audio visual form. You can find all WordCamp video, slideshows of presentation created by wordpress team and other wordpress experts, and interviews with media and fellow bloggers. Wordpress.TV included several handy how-to tutorial video and more be in…continue reading →

PNG Files Transparency Problem(Grey Color) in Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer below 7.0 does not support 24-bit alpha channel transparent PNG images. PNG image background turn into gray color rather then transparent. IE version 7 and above completely solved this issue and fully support PNG images.? Other modern browser such as Firefox, Opera, Flock support png images from start.…continue reading →

Set / Retrieve Script Timeout in ASP

The ScriptTimeout property in ASP specifies the amount of run-time in seconds for a script before it terminates. The default value is 90 seconds set by IIS. Set the script timeout: <% Server.ScriptTimeout=200 %> Retrieve the current value of the ScriptTimeout property: <% response.write(Server.ScriptTimeout) %>continue reading →

Bill Gates Leaving Microsoft – Retirement Session June 2008

httpv:// Bill Gates is retired from Microsoft at the age of 52 to spend more time for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Gates is still largest share holder and Microsoft chairman but left at June 27, 2008 as regular employee. Now, it is up to Bill Gates successors how…continue reading →