Download & Install Windows XP Service Pack 3(SP3)

Microsoft has released XP SP3 with bugfixes and new features.? This version includes old released update for Windows XP and bug fixes released in SP2. SP3 also includes following new? features: Support for Microsoft’s Network Access Protection security technology Microsoft Kernel Mode Cryptographic Module Black Hole Router detection algorithm Keyless…continue reading →

Bill Gates Leaving Microsoft – Retirement Session June 2008

httpv:// Bill Gates is retired from Microsoft at the age of 52 to spend more time for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Gates is still largest share holder and Microsoft chairman but left at June 27, 2008 as regular employee. Now, it is up to Bill Gates successors how…continue reading →

Create JavaScript Confirm Box for Record Deletion

Confirmation before deletion of record is very useful to preserve data from accidental record deletion. With confirmation process will be in two steps. Here is the javascript way to ask user whether they want to delete record or not. <a onclick="return confirm('Are you sure you want to delete?')" href="">Delete</a> You…continue reading →